Breathe in memories

This was a beautiful christmas present I got from my granny, and sadly will be the last I get. It’s strange, at the time I thought nothing of it and said thank you. But now it sits on my window ledge and I can’t bring myself to use any more of them. Not until I know where they came from and how to get more at least.

The colours in the photo are awesome, and it represents her so well, bright and sharp. She never missed a trick. Even if she pretended to.

If there was one person who could ever beat my dad at a board game, it was her. The only reason my sister and I wasn’t upset that she didn’t let us win, was because we knew our dad would lose too.

I will treasure this, possibly more than I should. I never showed her this photo as I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I wish I did.

Don’t regret not sharing your work.

All the best


Take a ride, step inside

This post goes hand in hand with one I posted earlier in the week, but not knowing what it would be like, I took this photo just before jumping inside.

As far as London transport goes, this is one of, if not the only ways people get a smile on their face from it. Yes it may be pretty pointless in day to day travel but that doesn’t matter because it never fails to bring amazement or happiness.

Sometimes you need to take some time out of busy annoying tube lines or the dlr where you always fight to get that front seat.

Step back, and enjoy every once in a while

All the best


Society gets social

So the other night, the event society held a ‘spring break’ themed night at the union bar, and it looked amazing!

The room was decorated in red, white and blue of course. There were ‘Jello shots’ which were probably a little more alcoholic than the drinks behind the bar!

Everyone that went had a great night. The ballon drop above went off a storm and the music was enjoyed by everyone. Sums the night up awesomely.

Let your hair down once in a while

All the best


Silver linings

When it comes to sunsets and sunrises, seconds can make the difference between a good photo and a mediocre photo.

After a long shift at work the other day, this was the view at the bus stop. It looked better a few seconds before, but soon after taking this the light behind the clouds was gone.

The blue sky hadn’t been around much lately but with the hint of red behind it, again it made me glad I wasn’t stuck inside a shop all day while it was sunny outside.

Everything has a bright side

All the best


Falling apart, wall art

While walking between the Tate modern and London bridge, I came across this old piece of art in the wall. Still the this day I can’t work out whether it’s supposed to look like that for a ‘vintage’ effect or if just over time the paint has fallen away.

It’s interesting that only one half of the circle has parts missing and in some ways I prefer that side. It gives a bit of light and shade to what used to be an all white painting, another dimension if you will.

Not all art can, or should be perfect and the imperfections are what make it so eye catching.

Nothing in life is perfect

All the best


Cable car, going far

Living in Greenwich, I had to try the cable car! And I’m so glad I did! You can see for miles and although the dlr is often fun, it’s a much quicker way to get to the Excel centre from the O2.

The views you see are just amazing, especially at night when the O2 is all lit up and you can no longer see the eye sore that parts of London have become.

When they’re are events on at the Excel centre, one of the exciting parts is the Emirates air line. You hope you get a car just for your group, although sometimes you get the odd foreign family that don’t think about waiting for the next one.

Possibly, this is one of the things you have to do as an event management student in Greenwich, as the Excel have so many events on and figuring out the quickest transport links is a great bonus.

All the best


The grass is greener on the other side

There are days when the British weather will decide to be all seasons at once, sunny but misty, raining but warm, or hot but warm.

This makes it ever harder deciding whether to wear a coat (this is probably a southern issue as as I have heard ‘no norther wears a coat’) and often you look either over or under dressed.

This day turned out sunny and brought out amazing colours in the grass and the building, but the mist still brings the sense of winter.

You could go artistic and say that beyond the mist is an unknown that the people on the right are walking away from their past which was misty into a better greener future. They would rather forget their past and focus on their future.But that’s bringing the photography student out of me.

There is always a hidden idea in photos.

All the best