Dover castle

Very busy over this weekend, and with this view you can’t really complain! Even in the pouring rain the castle still looks as amazing as ever, possibly even more daunting.

What’s around you can influence how you feel, a long day can be tough but having a nice view always helps. It’s one that seems to make anyone want to stop and take a photo of, that is something that you cannot achieve easily.

Scenery can make a day.

All the best


Red sky at night, Shepard’s delight

Living in London, you can imagine the lack of grass and trees around. Something I couldn’t understand when I first got here was the lack of grass in between the path and the road. I know it seems like such a small thing, but it’s just like missing the sea air.

Luckily I live on the outskirts of London, and my halls is next to a park. Although you can tell it’s been made smaller and smaller over the years and people have probably had to fight for it to stay.

Seeming as sunrise is too early for most students, sunset is the best way to catch the red light in the sky behind the few trees there are around. It takes just moments for a photo to change from good to amazing. A sunset is a great show of skill of knowing the right framing and timing to get that photo that people aspire to. I am no where near close to that, but I hope one day I will get that right.

When you get taught the techniques in photography, they can’t teach you passion. Wanting to get a reaction and having it as an instinct; being able to frame a photo in a blink of an eye that will last a lifetime. It takes practise, skill but most importantly it’s something you cannot think about too much.

Instinct is your best tool

All the best


Good health starts in the kitchen

Being university, most of the skills it teaches you in the kitchen are mainly about the setting on the microwave or how to perfect being able to eat for a week without cooking anything.

My kitchen at university is certainly not the cleanest I have seen, in fact it’s probably the worst. Maybe going on the ‘raw food’ diet wouldn’t be a bad idea for my health from that kitchen, but it’s bare able.

That’s one thing they don’t tell you, it’s a great experience at uni and make loads of great friends. Your waist line will expand! Not because you eat so much, but purely to rubbish you eat and probably when you do too.

The luxury of having someone else decide what’s for dinner is gone, and you have free reign to decide when a take away is a good idea. For the first term, this will be far too often.

It’s almost nice to be healthy once in a while.

All the best


Spring time, bloom time

It’s been a long time since I have picked up my ‘proper’ camera, too long. Therefore when I decided to take a walk with my friend the other day, it was great that the sun was shining and we could capture spring at it’s best. I have always been one that thinks the photographer makes the picture, but having the right equipment, and not always the best, helps an awful lot. Having the skill set of how to actually use your own camera and not just stick it on manual, is one of the best things shooting on film taught me. Auto mode is a luxury that many take for granted. You shouldn’t rely on it as often your pictures can look washed out or have a lack of colour. Try it and you will see a huge change in the look of your photo.

The depth of field to this photo really brings out the daffodils and the dark background helps to frame them too. Everything in life seems better with a bit of colour or sunshine. The dull and dreary weather is never really seen in a comedy, and the sunshine hardly seen in a horror.

The weather changes our thoughts and feelings more than we think, more that we think we let it anyway! After all, the British are known for complaining about the weather: no matter if it’s raining or sunny.

Just take a step back and pause before you press that shutter button


All the Best




Big foot, little foot

This isn’t quite a photographic shot, but this did make me smile. Found a new bag of sweets when shopping the other day called ‘body parts’ and thought they were worth a try. To be completely honest. The foot wasn’t very foot shaped. More like 5 blobs with an elongated oval attached. None of them even trying to be the right colour

All the same, it was the first one out the packet. Possibly suggesting ‘put your best foot forwards’. Although it was probably completely random, but what sort of post would that comment make?

In life you always have to make good first impressions, otherwise you’ll get nowhere. You go into something half heartedly and you won’t get the result you dream of. You’ll be disappointed and wonder why you didn’t get to where you want to be in the future. The answer for that would be effort. Don’t put the effort in and you won’t get the success out. It’s quite simple really.

A lucky break never lasts long

All the best


Read for pleasure

No one should read nothing. It’s been a long time since I have picked up a book and read it cover to cover, but ‘the fault in out stars’ has captivated me and has been a great start to reading a book just for pleasure all over again.

It has such a touchy subject as the key point in the book, but never once skirts around the reality of cancer in a child or how the main character ‘Hazel’ feels about being ‘a side effect’ as they all seem to call themselves. It isn’t a typical ‘ I feel sorry for myself about my cancer’ but instead a book about how a teenager will never grow up, even if she grows in age her parents will always have to be there. I haven’t read the whole book yet but strongly recommend it already.

Books are being replaced by tv and films, and kids now a days don’t bother with the book, as quite often the good ones are made into a film. What they don’t realise is you loose so much detail, from a book that could take you a week to read, to be crammed into 90-120 minutes. How does that seem fair to someone’s creativity? Aspects lost that reader gripped onto, or story lines just completely dropped because it doesn’t fit in with the directors view.

You can get so lost in a book, and forget your surroundings. It isn’t quite the same at a cinema.

Take a moment for yourself

All the best


Your fuel, refuel

This was the scene yesterday at the Brighton marathon finish, where runners had just run over 26 miles. Personally, I think they’re crazy!

The looks on faces going past of pain, pride, and even relief made it worthwhile to everyone helping there.

A lot were just pleased it was over I think, and some just wanted to lay down.

Personally I think a marathon is a real test on your mental perseverance than your fitness. It doesn’t matter what time you finish, but finishing is the ultimate goal.

This should be a lot of people’s outlook on life, it’s not always a race to do things first or finish before someone else but achieving the same goal and helping each other out along the way.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race

All the best