Spring time, bloom time

It’s been a long time since I have picked up my ‘proper’ camera, too long. Therefore when I decided to take a walk with my friend the other day, it was great that the sun was shining and we could capture spring at it’s best. I have always been one that thinks the photographer makes the picture, but having the right equipment, and not always the best, helps an awful lot. Having the skill set of how to actually use your own camera and not just stick it on manual, is one of the best things shooting on film taught me. Auto mode is a luxury that many take for granted. You shouldn’t rely on it as often your pictures can look washed out or have a lack of colour. Try it and you will see a huge change in the look of your photo.

The depth of field to this photo really brings out the daffodils and the dark background helps to frame them too. Everything in life seems better with a bit of colour or sunshine. The dull and dreary weather is never really seen in a comedy, and the sunshine hardly seen in a horror.

The weather changes our thoughts and feelings more than we think, more that we think we let it anyway! After all, the British are known for complaining about the weather: no matter if it’s raining or sunny.

Just take a step back and pause before you press that shutter button


All the Best




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