Red sky at night, Shepard’s delight

Living in London, you can imagine the lack of grass and trees around. Something I couldn’t understand when I first got here was the lack of grass in between the path and the road. I know it seems like such a small thing, but it’s just like missing the sea air.

Luckily I live on the outskirts of London, and my halls is next to a park. Although you can tell it’s been made smaller and smaller over the years and people have probably had to fight for it to stay.

Seeming as sunrise is too early for most students, sunset is the best way to catch the red light in the sky behind the few trees there are around. It takes just moments for a photo to change from good to amazing. A sunset is a great show of skill of knowing the right framing and timing to get that photo that people aspire to. I am no where near close to that, but I hope one day I will get that right.

When you get taught the techniques in photography, they can’t teach you passion. Wanting to get a reaction and having it as an instinct; being able to frame a photo in a blink of an eye that will last a lifetime. It takes practise, skill but most importantly it’s something you cannot think about too much.

Instinct is your best tool

All the best


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