Sunset trips

This picture just had to be taken on a recent trip to Brighton. I was a little upset that I missed the sunset actually in Brighton and the sun had already started to go down, but this view from the bus made it slightly better.

Ok so bus photos usually look awful and you can see the scratches and imperfections on the glass, which ruins a photo, but this looks as crisp as i think I could have made it.

The contrast of the tall buildings and the low marina make this photo flow. 

Of course the day was great as well, and it’s always nice to just walk along the beach when it’s been a hot day and everyone else has gone but the heat is still there. The little things are always those that bring the biggest smile.

All the best



Big foot, little foot

This isn’t quite a photographic shot, but this did make me smile. Found a new bag of sweets when shopping the other day called ‘body parts’ and thought they were worth a try. To be completely honest. The foot wasn’t very foot shaped. More like 5 blobs with an elongated oval attached. None of them even trying to be the right colour

All the same, it was the first one out the packet. Possibly suggesting ‘put your best foot forwards’. Although it was probably completely random, but what sort of post would that comment make?

In life you always have to make good first impressions, otherwise you’ll get nowhere. You go into something half heartedly and you won’t get the result you dream of. You’ll be disappointed and wonder why you didn’t get to where you want to be in the future. The answer for that would be effort. Don’t put the effort in and you won’t get the success out. It’s quite simple really.

A lucky break never lasts long

All the best


Your fuel, refuel

This was the scene yesterday at the Brighton marathon finish, where runners had just run over 26 miles. Personally, I think they’re crazy!

The looks on faces going past of pain, pride, and even relief made it worthwhile to everyone helping there.

A lot were just pleased it was over I think, and some just wanted to lay down.

Personally I think a marathon is a real test on your mental perseverance than your fitness. It doesn’t matter what time you finish, but finishing is the ultimate goal.

This should be a lot of people’s outlook on life, it’s not always a race to do things first or finish before someone else but achieving the same goal and helping each other out along the way.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race

All the best


Silver linings

When it comes to sunsets and sunrises, seconds can make the difference between a good photo and a mediocre photo.

After a long shift at work the other day, this was the view at the bus stop. It looked better a few seconds before, but soon after taking this the light behind the clouds was gone.

The blue sky hadn’t been around much lately but with the hint of red behind it, again it made me glad I wasn’t stuck inside a shop all day while it was sunny outside.

Everything has a bright side

All the best


Go West, set sail

The west pier was originally opened in October 1866, and was closed in 1975. When it caught on fire in March 2003.

Although over 10 years ago, I remember my dad taking me down to the beach with my first digital camera to capture pictures of what at the time was a lot more than what is left now.

The beach was full of people watching to pick up washed up pieces of wood to keep and remember the pier.

What is left now is less that the bare skeleton, the sea has taken prisoner any idea of it becoming a safe structure. It’s a shame that a great piece of Brighton’s history has been lost to Mother Nature.

Make the most of things, because you don’t know how long it will last.

All the best