Glow orb

These glow balls bring back many memories of weekends with friends as a child, messing around in a park knowing that we had the whole swing set to ourselves. Throwing glow sticks around playing catch.

I was surprised to see these on a night out, but it’s weird what sort of memories little things trigger.

The light in this photo, showing the bubbles of air that highlight the glow from the chemicals even more. It shows the darkness in life highlights the good memories.

There are many sayings that tell you that you can’t always have it good.

You wouldn’t appreciate the sun as much if it didn’t rain

All the best


Behind every man there’s a great woman

Many of you would have seen this photo before, but as it’s international women’s day, I wanted to make sure that this post meant something!

Your mother is there every day for you, but your grandmothers are often the ones that teach you to cook, bake or even sew. Your grandmothers are the ones that don’t get mad when you do something wrong, or even teach you things you never dreamed you could do.

I’m sure it’s not easy growing old and realising that you have grandchildren, but the best treasure the moments with you, and make the memories that will last forever.

To say this year has been a tough one to date is an understatement, but she was strong for me, and now I have to do the same.


All the best


Work hard to play harder

At university, essays and text books play a very key role in your life and even become the most important thing for a while. Your core text book almost becomes your bible that you can recite like Dot Branning recites hers!

After looking back, this does become heart breaking but also feels like you have achieved something and have worked hard towards your future. University is a huge shock to the system when it comes to work. You’re not told how to write it, nor what content you should include, but instead you have to actually read the book and cannot just blah your way through!

Books are no longer in colour, nor have pictures. You’re lucky if you see a coloured header! This is the reality of life, you have to work hard to get what you want: sit in the library working for hours trying to find that quote that explains exactly how you feel.

This picture represents work, hard work and key skills that university should and will teach everyone. The key ones being initiative and independence. So from a book, you will learn to stand on your own 2 feet for years to come.

All the best


The lonely walker

Remember the day London was covered by fog? It even made the front page of the evening standard.

That was a day that I was up earlier and there was pretty much no one around university, it was eerie and odd to not be able to see one side of campus from the other.

Thinking it would lift after an hour when the temperature rose, I waited for someone to walk up the stairs on their own to take this picture, in fact it didn’t rise for most of the day!

This was one day that I was glad I got up early.

All the best,