Good health starts in the kitchen

Being university, most of the skills it teaches you in the kitchen are mainly about the setting on the microwave or how to perfect being able to eat for a week without cooking anything.

My kitchen at university is certainly not the cleanest I have seen, in fact it’s probably the worst. Maybe going on the ‘raw food’ diet wouldn’t be a bad idea for my health from that kitchen, but it’s bare able.

That’s one thing they don’t tell you, it’s a great experience at uni and make loads of great friends. Your waist line will expand! Not because you eat so much, but purely to rubbish you eat and probably when you do too.

The luxury of having someone else decide what’s for dinner is gone, and you have free reign to decide when a take away is a good idea. For the first term, this will be far too often.

It’s almost nice to be healthy once in a while.

All the best