Read for pleasure

No one should read nothing. It’s been a long time since I have picked up a book and read it cover to cover, but ‘the fault in out stars’ has captivated me and has been a great start to reading a book just for pleasure all over again.

It has such a touchy subject as the key point in the book, but never once skirts around the reality of cancer in a child or how the main character ‘Hazel’ feels about being ‘a side effect’ as they all seem to call themselves. It isn’t a typical ‘ I feel sorry for myself about my cancer’ but instead a book about how a teenager will never grow up, even if she grows in age her parents will always have to be there. I haven’t read the whole book yet but strongly recommend it already.

Books are being replaced by tv and films, and kids now a days don’t bother with the book, as quite often the good ones are made into a film. What they don’t realise is you loose so much detail, from a book that could take you a week to read, to be crammed into 90-120 minutes. How does that seem fair to someone’s creativity? Aspects lost that reader gripped onto, or story lines just completely dropped because it doesn’t fit in with the directors view.

You can get so lost in a book, and forget your surroundings. It isn’t quite the same at a cinema.

Take a moment for yourself

All the best


Get your head in a book

Possibly one thing that I wish I did more is to finish a book! Gone are the days where my mum would open my bedroom door before she went to bed to find me on the last few pages of a book I had started a couple of hours before hand.

Although she wouldn’t be happy I was still up, the fact that I got great pleasure from a book satisfied her a little.

I have been brought up with books everywhere, and they have always been a big part of my life. I still remember being taken to book fairs with my grandparents and looking around at books that were older than me, probably even older than my grandparents. The smell too! The smell of old books is a childhood favourite of mine!

Many of those books can easily be considered pieces of art, possibly hand printed. The binding held together so finely and so delicate that you knew the book had been well loved by the previous owners.

It may sound strange, but an old book can tell many more stories than those inside and I find it a great shame that books these days are just seen as a throw away item and people no longer treasure those books that would bring back so many childhood memories.

If only one book, what would bring back such fond memories for you?

All the best


Work hard to play harder

At university, essays and text books play a very key role in your life and even become the most important thing for a while. Your core text book almost becomes your bible that you can recite like Dot Branning recites hers!

After looking back, this does become heart breaking but also feels like you have achieved something and have worked hard towards your future. University is a huge shock to the system when it comes to work. You’re not told how to write it, nor what content you should include, but instead you have to actually read the book and cannot just blah your way through!

Books are no longer in colour, nor have pictures. You’re lucky if you see a coloured header! This is the reality of life, you have to work hard to get what you want: sit in the library working for hours trying to find that quote that explains exactly how you feel.

This picture represents work, hard work and key skills that university should and will teach everyone. The key ones being initiative and independence. So from a book, you will learn to stand on your own 2 feet for years to come.

All the best