Day in, day out

People walk across the millennium bridge everyday to work, just thinking that it’s been so much easier since the bridge has been built. Never thinking about how it was built or who slaved over hours designing it.

Architecture is possibly a form of forgotten art. People appreciate the old, but the new is sometimes forgotten. That being said, the art of architecture has been lost somewhat, with houses all looking the same and no thought or effort being made to make people stop and look like there once was.

Art comes in many thoughts and sometimes you can forget so many of them.

Art is in the heart, the eye and the mind of the beholder. Not in the critique of the masses

All the best


Glow orb

These glow balls bring back many memories of weekends with friends as a child, messing around in a park knowing that we had the whole swing set to ourselves. Throwing glow sticks around playing catch.

I was surprised to see these on a night out, but it’s weird what sort of memories little things trigger.

The light in this photo, showing the bubbles of air that highlight the glow from the chemicals even more. It shows the darkness in life highlights the good memories.

There are many sayings that tell you that you can’t always have it good.

You wouldn’t appreciate the sun as much if it didn’t rain

All the best


Take a ride, step inside

This post goes hand in hand with one I posted earlier in the week, but not knowing what it would be like, I took this photo just before jumping inside.

As far as London transport goes, this is one of, if not the only ways people get a smile on their face from it. Yes it may be pretty pointless in day to day travel but that doesn’t matter because it never fails to bring amazement or happiness.

Sometimes you need to take some time out of busy annoying tube lines or the dlr where you always fight to get that front seat.

Step back, and enjoy every once in a while

All the best


Society gets social

So the other night, the event society held a ‘spring break’ themed night at the union bar, and it looked amazing!

The room was decorated in red, white and blue of course. There were ‘Jello shots’ which were probably a little more alcoholic than the drinks behind the bar!

Everyone that went had a great night. The ballon drop above went off a storm and the music was enjoyed by everyone. Sums the night up awesomely.

Let your hair down once in a while

All the best


Falling apart, wall art

While walking between the Tate modern and London bridge, I came across this old piece of art in the wall. Still the this day I can’t work out whether it’s supposed to look like that for a ‘vintage’ effect or if just over time the paint has fallen away.

It’s interesting that only one half of the circle has parts missing and in some ways I prefer that side. It gives a bit of light and shade to what used to be an all white painting, another dimension if you will.

Not all art can, or should be perfect and the imperfections are what make it so eye catching.

Nothing in life is perfect

All the best


The grass is greener on the other side

There are days when the British weather will decide to be all seasons at once, sunny but misty, raining but warm, or hot but warm.

This makes it ever harder deciding whether to wear a coat (this is probably a southern issue as as I have heard ‘no norther wears a coat’) and often you look either over or under dressed.

This day turned out sunny and brought out amazing colours in the grass and the building, but the mist still brings the sense of winter.

You could go artistic and say that beyond the mist is an unknown that the people on the right are walking away from their past which was misty into a better greener future. They would rather forget their past and focus on their future.But that’s bringing the photography student out of me.

There is always a hidden idea in photos.

All the best


One hell of a night!

Recently I had a great experience working with a company called eventbrite at their latest free event. It was about music start ups and how they differ from recording contracts. If I’m quite honest, it was all new to me. The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, which is becoming ‘cool’ again, was full of people sitting with a cup of coffee on their mac books. It was almost like a ‘hipster’ library with them all working on blogs or articles.

As an event management student, all sorts of opportunities pop up and you take them as a learning curve. Working with the team who were so friendly was great! A casual atmosphere that you wouldn’t expect.

The venue was amazing and this may be a little geeky but already in my head I was thinking about all sorts of events that could go on there and how they just present the whole place amazingly.

The drinks for the night were beers from a local brewer, and not one for beer they were actually rather nice! I would recommend them to anyone wanting a casual drink in Camden.

It was such a great night and I’m so glad I was part of it.

All the best


All strung up, America?

This is another great price of art from the Tate Modern.

I personally have never been interested in 17th century paintings of people who are long gone, they don’t say anything about society now, whereas modern art have been influenced by the modern society and the surrounding that I am in too.

It’s interesting to see how people interpret things differently in ways I have never thought of.

With art it’s up to you what you take away from it.

All the best


Sunny side up

I find myself taking the journey to and from Brighton a lot! A lot of the time, it’s wet and windy and if rather still be in bed! But today was different, it had been a lovely sunny day and that always leads to a busy Brighton and a beautiful site.

Leaving to go to ‘the big city’ full of street lights and no beach sunset. This is when I fall in love with my home town all over again

All the best


Brighton beach sunset

Modern society, modern art

People say that modern art, or even photography has no ‘skill’ or talent in it, but they would never be able to even dream about the concepts modern artists come up with.

I feel I don’t spend enough time at the Tate modern, but every time I go, it inspires me all over again to look at my surroundings in a different way, everything isn’t just a yes or no thing and things can mean one thing to another person and something else to everyone else.

London is full of strange and wacky places, but sometimes it’s best to bring it all back to where it starts and get inspired all over again

All the best