Take a ride, step inside

This post goes hand in hand with one I posted earlier in the week, but not knowing what it would be like, I took this photo just before jumping inside.

As far as London transport goes, this is one of, if not the only ways people get a smile on their face from it. Yes it may be pretty pointless in day to day travel but that doesn’t matter because it never fails to bring amazement or happiness.

Sometimes you need to take some time out of busy annoying tube lines or the dlr where you always fight to get that front seat.

Step back, and enjoy every once in a while

All the best


The grass is greener on the other side

There are days when the British weather will decide to be all seasons at once, sunny but misty, raining but warm, or hot but warm.

This makes it ever harder deciding whether to wear a coat (this is probably a southern issue as as I have heard ‘no norther wears a coat’) and often you look either over or under dressed.

This day turned out sunny and brought out amazing colours in the grass and the building, but the mist still brings the sense of winter.

You could go artistic and say that beyond the mist is an unknown that the people on the right are walking away from their past which was misty into a better greener future. They would rather forget their past and focus on their future.But that’s bringing the photography student out of me.

There is always a hidden idea in photos.

All the best