Goodbye Dover

It’s been a while since my last post, definitely too long. The trouble is, with work and other commitments it’s nice to sometimes relax. I have been taking photos throughout the time you haven’t heard from me, but just sometimes it’s nice to take photos and let them speak for themselves.

It comes to a point, as a photographer where you wish people would see photos as art. People can pass by so many scenes that to a photographic eye could look amazing.

Dover is full of amazing photos, while working there it’s hard to find many of them. Although this one caught my eye on the journey and it just shows that one person doing something might not be as powerful as a collective. These are admission stickers to Dover castle that have been stuck on the back of a road sign close to the car park.

It shows how people want to leave a part of them there, be a part of something and feel like they belong.

Maybe you alone can’t make a difference, but if everyone thought that then there really would only be one guy shouting to get his voice heard.

All the best


Hello, my name is… What?

These stickers always intrigue me, as they never have names on. It seems that people use it to express an opinion they have on the world or their surroundings rather than introduce themselves. This give anonymity which could help them to express true thoughts on society.

So why are these stickers still so popular when it come to graffiti? To be honest I have no idea, but is sticking this up just making the place look a mess or someone putting their stamp on the world.

It’s become accepted to put stickers on public property, yet spray painting what some may call art is still frowned upon. A sticker still defaces it, and it takes far less skill to stick it up than create something visually appealing whether you like it or not.

If you had a blank version of this sticker, what would you put?

All the best