Eyesore no more

Not many people in Brighton understand why people would want to go on the wheel, and it often ruins the scenery on the seafront.

It’s not like the London eye where you can see all around you, half of what you see is the sea! But non the less, there are queues on busy days and I’m sure during the summer they could be as long as an hour.

But (yes this was taken on a bus) when the sun goes down and it become a silhouette, I becomes less eyesore, and more spectacular. The shadow really highlights the supports and the structures.

When looking at what makes a good photo, don’t just see it in the light it is in now.

All the best


Too early? Too late!

Gone are the Christmas chocolate and the valentines ones! The ones everyone seems to get the most excited about are the Easter ones.

You either love or hate a creme egg, and I for one always have to grab one well before Easter is even thought about. And that is becoming earlier and earlier every year.

Easter is possibly just an excuse to eat chocolate now, but who says you can’t have chocolate any day of the year?

All the best


Open spaces

Working outside definitely has it’s time where it becomes a nightmare! Especially with the British weather being as temperamental as ever recently, but after months of wind and rain where you can hardly stand up it has been great to have the sunshine out.

Coming back from London and having views like this makes me realise just how little open space there is there and I just wonder how people manage without even having grass next to the pavement. It’s the small things that make me wonder.

Of course this view is never going to be overlooked again.

All the best


Sunny side up

I find myself taking the journey to and from Brighton a lot! A lot of the time, it’s wet and windy and if rather still be in bed! But today was different, it had been a lovely sunny day and that always leads to a busy Brighton and a beautiful site.

Leaving to go to ‘the big city’ full of street lights and no beach sunset. This is when I fall in love with my home town all over again

All the best


Brighton beach sunset