Dover castle

Very busy over this weekend, and with this view you can’t really complain! Even in the pouring rain the castle still looks as amazing as ever, possibly even more daunting.

What’s around you can influence how you feel, a long day can be tough but having a nice view always helps. It’s one that seems to make anyone want to stop and take a photo of, that is something that you cannot achieve easily.

Scenery can make a day.

All the best


Spring time, bloom time

It’s been a long time since I have picked up my ‘proper’ camera, too long. Therefore when I decided to take a walk with my friend the other day, it was great that the sun was shining and we could capture spring at it’s best. I have always been one that thinks the photographer makes the picture, but having the right equipment, and not always the best, helps an awful lot. Having the skill set of how to actually use your own camera and not just stick it on manual, is one of the best things shooting on film taught me. Auto mode is a luxury that many take for granted. You shouldn’t rely on it as often your pictures can look washed out or have a lack of colour. Try it and you will see a huge change in the look of your photo.

The depth of field to this photo really brings out the daffodils and the dark background helps to frame them too. Everything in life seems better with a bit of colour or sunshine. The dull and dreary weather is never really seen in a comedy, and the sunshine hardly seen in a horror.

The weather changes our thoughts and feelings more than we think, more that we think we let it anyway! After all, the British are known for complaining about the weather: no matter if it’s raining or sunny.

Just take a step back and pause before you press that shutter button


All the Best




Big foot, little foot

This isn’t quite a photographic shot, but this did make me smile. Found a new bag of sweets when shopping the other day called ‘body parts’ and thought they were worth a try. To be completely honest. The foot wasn’t very foot shaped. More like 5 blobs with an elongated oval attached. None of them even trying to be the right colour

All the same, it was the first one out the packet. Possibly suggesting ‘put your best foot forwards’. Although it was probably completely random, but what sort of post would that comment make?

In life you always have to make good first impressions, otherwise you’ll get nowhere. You go into something half heartedly and you won’t get the result you dream of. You’ll be disappointed and wonder why you didn’t get to where you want to be in the future. The answer for that would be effort. Don’t put the effort in and you won’t get the success out. It’s quite simple really.

A lucky break never lasts long

All the best


Day in, day out

People walk across the millennium bridge everyday to work, just thinking that it’s been so much easier since the bridge has been built. Never thinking about how it was built or who slaved over hours designing it.

Architecture is possibly a form of forgotten art. People appreciate the old, but the new is sometimes forgotten. That being said, the art of architecture has been lost somewhat, with houses all looking the same and no thought or effort being made to make people stop and look like there once was.

Art comes in many thoughts and sometimes you can forget so many of them.

Art is in the heart, the eye and the mind of the beholder. Not in the critique of the masses

All the best


This time last year

This time last year, I was still in college almost finishing my A-level in photography know that it would be the last time I would do it as an academic subject. I thought that was what I wanted and that I had been pushed enough in my art, but the more I think about it, the more I sometimes wish that there was better money in GOOD photography and everyone didn’t think that picking up a camera made them a photographer.

Gone are the days where people appreciate photography as an art, now it is often seen as a media form. I get that things need to move with the times, but I have to say that I miss making portfolios of my work and having an idea and bringing into something I am truly proud of.

I used to come up with the best ideas sitting on my laptop at night writing up my previous shoot. It’s been proven that when you’re tired you are more creative and I have to say that I honestly believe in this. As someone who looks at things and wonders how I can capture them to tell a story to my readers, I find that when I’m letting my instincts tell me what to do, I get the best photographic ideas when I don’t over think a concept.

I know that some amazing photographers have no training and do it all off the top of their head but I live the fact that I was taught about how to analyse my own work and work out a way to put my idea across better. whether it be shooting; dark room or photoshop Not even just in photography but the skills that I learnt sitting in that classroom and thinking about how to improve every little aspect are far greater than being taught any math equation on the planet (yes maths has taught me skills too).

My portfolios are my pride and joy, but not many people get to see all of it, because even the words are personal. they’re your deepest thoughts and feeling behind a concept and if truly done they are a window into your imagination. People come and go, and things change in your life but regret should never be a word that comes out your mouth. you do every aspect of your actions and thinking for a reason. more often than not to make you or someone else happy, and you were happy at the time.

University is teaching me many things, academic parts of my life, but those hours spent in the dark room trying to perfect that one aspect of a shot have taught me so much more.

The photo that goes along with this is one of the many prints that I used as my final outcome for my final unit. You may have seen it before, but sometimes you need to look back to help your work go forward.

All the best

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Society gets social

So the other night, the event society held a ‘spring break’ themed night at the union bar, and it looked amazing!

The room was decorated in red, white and blue of course. There were ‘Jello shots’ which were probably a little more alcoholic than the drinks behind the bar!

Everyone that went had a great night. The ballon drop above went off a storm and the music was enjoyed by everyone. Sums the night up awesomely.

Let your hair down once in a while

All the best


Get your head in a book

Possibly one thing that I wish I did more is to finish a book! Gone are the days where my mum would open my bedroom door before she went to bed to find me on the last few pages of a book I had started a couple of hours before hand.

Although she wouldn’t be happy I was still up, the fact that I got great pleasure from a book satisfied her a little.

I have been brought up with books everywhere, and they have always been a big part of my life. I still remember being taken to book fairs with my grandparents and looking around at books that were older than me, probably even older than my grandparents. The smell too! The smell of old books is a childhood favourite of mine!

Many of those books can easily be considered pieces of art, possibly hand printed. The binding held together so finely and so delicate that you knew the book had been well loved by the previous owners.

It may sound strange, but an old book can tell many more stories than those inside and I find it a great shame that books these days are just seen as a throw away item and people no longer treasure those books that would bring back so many childhood memories.

If only one book, what would bring back such fond memories for you?

All the best


Square meal, round plate

As a student, many meals I wouldn’t even want to share with my parents, let alone everyone else! But on the rare occasion I actually think about what I eat, I can surprise myself with what I come up with.

Yes the majority of this isn’t cooked, but it’s a hell of a lot more healthier than what happens the rest of the week.

All the best


Eyesore no more

Not many people in Brighton understand why people would want to go on the wheel, and it often ruins the scenery on the seafront.

It’s not like the London eye where you can see all around you, half of what you see is the sea! But non the less, there are queues on busy days and I’m sure during the summer they could be as long as an hour.

But (yes this was taken on a bus) when the sun goes down and it become a silhouette, I becomes less eyesore, and more spectacular. The shadow really highlights the supports and the structures.

When looking at what makes a good photo, don’t just see it in the light it is in now.

All the best