Sunset trips

This picture just had to be taken on a recent trip to Brighton. I was a little upset that I missed the sunset actually in Brighton and the sun had already started to go down, but this view from the bus made it slightly better.

Ok so bus photos usually look awful and you can see the scratches and imperfections on the glass, which ruins a photo, but this looks as crisp as i think I could have made it.

The contrast of the tall buildings and the low marina make this photo flow. 

Of course the day was great as well, and it’s always nice to just walk along the beach when it’s been a hot day and everyone else has gone but the heat is still there. The little things are always those that bring the biggest smile.

All the best



My mums taste

Growing up in a house with all sorts of creative projects and random pieces of art scattered around. From posters that my dad was working on to children’s books coming home with my dad. It has always been great to not worry about a blank wall. It doesn’t stay blank for long! 

I’ve always been inspired by art, photography and advertising. I suppose my parents tastes have influenced me the most because that’s what I was brought up around. I have been lucky enough to have been brought up with photography from a very young age, and my dad sitting me down behind him and teaching me skills on photoshop whilst my mum probably thought I was in bed. Maybe that’s why I feel that I edit photos best with a little background music and a tired mind. After all a tired mind goes on instinct, rather than thinking too much. That’s what I love about photography, when it feels right it often is. 

This lovely hanging wall art was sitting on my mums wall one day and it caught my eye. Sometimes my parents have questionable tastes, but sometimes I feel that they get it so so right. That’s the beauty of art; no two people, see or feel the same about a piece. It’s not a science and there is no one right answer, and you can’t get it wrong. 

A great painting can bring you joy, happiness or even sorrow. Even a photo! 

All the best



Little monsters

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, I suppose it’s been a mixture of being busy throughout the summer and not quite knowing what to write. Sometimes I feel that the photo speaks volumes on it’s own and doesn’t need words.

I have been to so many events for work in the last couple of months with a great team surrounding me that I wouldn’t change for the world. Being back in Brighton and having the seaside just a few minutes walk from my house has been great. I find it amazing that there are so many events in Brighton and the community welcome them with open arms. Often towns and Cities don’t like to host events and just see them as an inconvenience. Which makes it even greater to be a part of somewhere that loves celebrating all sorts of things!

The festival that was in Brighton this Saturday was a little different to all the others I  have been a part of so far though! The fact that it was a children’s festival meant that the crowds were lovely and everyone was in a really friendly mood. The weather was great which meant that everyone was in high spirits and the adults were so pleased for the kids to entertained throughout the day.

The main stage had a number of acts that the kids absolutely loved! and the adults loved the fact they were distracted and they didn’t have to entertain them themselves, from the likes of ‘Dick and Dom’ to the ‘Go! Go! Go! Gang’ which had songs that are still playing in my head, they were so catchy! There was something there for everyone, with a designated section for babies that was well shaded and as you walked past you couldn’t hear a single baby crying! One tent that always had a busy queue was a cooking tent where they could make their own ‘testo bread’ which looked amazing when I went in for a sneak peek.

All in all the atmosphere was great and everyone I spoke to had a smile on their face walking around, and of course a few streaks of suncream.

Events like Saturday are the exact reason why I see a future in this industry

All the best



Little Monsters Festival

Little Monsters Festival