My mums taste

Growing up in a house with all sorts of creative projects and random pieces of art scattered around. From posters that my dad was working on to children’s books coming home with my dad. It has always been great to not worry about a blank wall. It doesn’t stay blank for long! 

I’ve always been inspired by art, photography and advertising. I suppose my parents tastes have influenced me the most because that’s what I was brought up around. I have been lucky enough to have been brought up with photography from a very young age, and my dad sitting me down behind him and teaching me skills on photoshop whilst my mum probably thought I was in bed. Maybe that’s why I feel that I edit photos best with a little background music and a tired mind. After all a tired mind goes on instinct, rather than thinking too much. That’s what I love about photography, when it feels right it often is. 

This lovely hanging wall art was sitting on my mums wall one day and it caught my eye. Sometimes my parents have questionable tastes, but sometimes I feel that they get it so so right. That’s the beauty of art; no two people, see or feel the same about a piece. It’s not a science and there is no one right answer, and you can’t get it wrong. 

A great painting can bring you joy, happiness or even sorrow. Even a photo! 

All the best



Modern society, modern art

People say that modern art, or even photography has no ‘skill’ or talent in it, but they would never be able to even dream about the concepts modern artists come up with.

I feel I don’t spend enough time at the Tate modern, but every time I go, it inspires me all over again to look at my surroundings in a different way, everything isn’t just a yes or no thing and things can mean one thing to another person and something else to everyone else.

London is full of strange and wacky places, but sometimes it’s best to bring it all back to where it starts and get inspired all over again

All the best