Sunset trips

This picture just had to be taken on a recent trip to Brighton. I was a little upset that I missed the sunset actually in Brighton and the sun had already started to go down, but this view from the bus made it slightly better.

Ok so bus photos usually look awful and you can see the scratches and imperfections on the glass, which ruins a photo, but this looks as crisp as i think I could have made it.

The contrast of the tall buildings and the low marina make this photo flow. 

Of course the day was great as well, and it’s always nice to just walk along the beach when it’s been a hot day and everyone else has gone but the heat is still there. The little things are always those that bring the biggest smile.

All the best



High life, high street

I often find myself wanting to discover new places that I have heard about, or been recommended but never really know how to get there.

I have heard a lot about Shoreditch and how it is very up and coming again in London and wanted to check it out.

Although the area wasn’t picturesque, you could see that it had potential and people were making the most of it.

The box park is almost like a shopping centre for small new labels that like the idea of being somewhere new and ‘cool’. It also gives them a chance to have a shop, when often they probably couldn’t get into a large shopping centre like westfields.

I think it’s a great project and has great potential.

All the best