About Char

I’m an event management student who loves photography and has a real passion in it, I find myself often behind a camera but rarely in front of it. Recently moving to London to study at university has given me a new sense of Photography and new places to explore. I feel that I haven’t been taking full advantage of this and therefore this blog is here for me to share my photography of what I have taken, sharing one photo each day and the story behind it. Of course, I regularly visit Brighton so it too will feature heavily in my content, after all it is the city in my heart.

I hope that this will interest you and you will keep coming back and even recommending it to your friends! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions about anything, we all start from somewhere. Influences artistically for me are strongly portraiture but that doesn’t mean you should confine yourself to a box and they’re the only photos you should take.

I remember getting my first digital camera when I was 8 and it went everywhere with me. After ‘borrowing’ my dad’s dSLR far too many time my parents thought it was about time I got my own for my 15th birthday, ever since I have loved looking at the world through a lens and trying to frame things mentally, even sub-conscientiously.

When I really started to find my passion, was at college where I took an a-level in photography and picked up a film camera for the first time in years. Even then it was just a disposable one for when I went on school trips. The darkroom became the place I would spend hours, experimenting with various techniques. I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to learn the technique of photography, to pick up a film slr and learn the settings without having the option of the camera on manual.


All the best


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