Oxford May morning

I wouldn’t want to do an all nighter with any other team. There’s something about knowing that you all have each other’s back that makes even the strangest positions seem normal when doing the security for an event.

A very early start in oxford brought out students earlier than you have ever seen them up before.

It brought the weird and wonderful and smiles to all the faces around.

Being such a historic place, almost all the buildings were so picturesque, this was just one of them. Even if it was just a millisecond as we walked past, it was great to see them still standing.

Go out of your way to experience life

All the best


Breathe in memories

This was a beautiful christmas present I got from my granny, and sadly will be the last I get. It’s strange, at the time I thought nothing of it and said thank you. But now it sits on my window ledge and I can’t bring myself to use any more of them. Not until I know where they came from and how to get more at least.

The colours in the photo are awesome, and it represents her so well, bright and sharp. She never missed a trick. Even if she pretended to.

If there was one person who could ever beat my dad at a board game, it was her. The only reason my sister and I wasn’t upset that she didn’t let us win, was because we knew our dad would lose too.

I will treasure this, possibly more than I should. I never showed her this photo as I didn’t think much of it at the time, but now I wish I did.

Don’t regret not sharing your work.

All the best


Hello, my name is… What?

These stickers always intrigue me, as they never have names on. It seems that people use it to express an opinion they have on the world or their surroundings rather than introduce themselves. This give anonymity which could help them to express true thoughts on society.

So why are these stickers still so popular when it come to graffiti? To be honest I have no idea, but is sticking this up just making the place look a mess or someone putting their stamp on the world.

It’s become accepted to put stickers on public property, yet spray painting what some may call art is still frowned upon. A sticker still defaces it, and it takes far less skill to stick it up than create something visually appealing whether you like it or not.

If you had a blank version of this sticker, what would you put?

All the best