Warm sunsets, peeping owls



Drink up

I haven’t gone home much yet this year, and it’s been nice to not be back in Brighton for a bit. When I do go back, I try and catch up with as many people as possible.

What I love about Brighton is that even though it is so much smaller than London, you can find any type of food that you dream of; crave; or desire. Bill’s restaurant is somewhere I will always go back to! Their food is just amazing feel good food and the atmosphere is so friendly. London can be cold and restaurants or even cafes can have a quiet sort of feeling, but I always LOVE visiting Bill’s and I cannot wait to go next time!


All the best


Drink up

Burn Bonfire Burn

It’s been a while since I’ve really said anything on here, and maybe that’s been due to being busy, lack of motivation or just not wanting to write for the sake of it! After moving back up to London at the beginning of September, it’s been nice to take some time out from Brighton and get back into a routine.

It was great going back to Sussex for bonfire night, which I missed out on last year, and it made me realise how much I enjoy Sussex. After taking a while out of work to get used to everything again, and getting my head back into uni, working on Wednesday night just helped me to realise why I decided to go into the events industry.

All the Best


Lewes Bonfire flares

Day 7: Father

Photography talk again 🙂

Char takes on life

The day 7 post should have been about ‘my father’, however having a picture of my dad is almost impossible as he is usually behind the lens. This is definitely where I got my love for photography from. All my life I remember my dad taking photos at any given opportunity and not just those ‘family’ snaps you grow to regret. Some of them are still really great and stay up on our walls for years without being replaced.

So, that being said I thought about how I could best show my dad in a photo without it actually being a photo of him. That being said, I was thinking about showing how he has influenced me in my life but that is so hard to show in just ONE photo as every photo I have taken has been influenced but him. Everything from my photography work when I studied…

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Day 4: Do It Yourself

Char takes on life

First of all, I know this post is late again but I went for a nap at 5pm and didn’t wake up ’til 11 so by which time I just sorted few bits out turned over and went back to sleep! My sleeping pattern is all over the place recently.

Now, not to be a stereotypical girl but I have never even attempted DIY around the house. It’s always been my dad who has built the shelves in this house, and when at uni everything DIY-ish was already done and sorted.

With this challenge I think these subjects are getting harder or possibly I’m trying to think outside the box for them because taking them at face value might be a little boring for you guys. So when I thought about DIY, just like every day it had been on my mind for a little while trying to think of…

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